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another thank yyu
0 | 77 views | 10/13/2017, 11:10

Hello All,

This is a brief  message to all my friends in  Chat last night .I want to thank you all for  your kindness and support whilst I was feeling really unwell last night .Your support is a great help and just knowing someone is there even though many miles awayis a great help

.I have had this before ,I am not diabetic I just get bouts of low blood sugar usually it only lasts about an hour  til the sugar/glucoes takes effect but last night it took best part of 3 hrs which  is a little concerning to say the least and at one point I thought it was the Menieres that was kicking in and that is scary . I am  making a doctor's appointment just to check all ok and no hiddedn disasters are around the corner 

Thank you 


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