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As Hurricane Irma approaches.....
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Thursday, 9/7/17

As I woke up this morning the first few moments were so peaceful.  That wonderful part of each day when I stretch & say good morning to my dog (who, yes, sleeps in the bed with me).  Then, as the fog cleared, I remembered.... There is a huge monster approaching who's sole purpose is to cause mass destruction to everything in it's path.  Then the familiar sick feeling in my stomach reappeared.  Do I turn on the news first thing & see what the latest track is?  Or do I get some coffee & try & eat something while trying not to think about it...? 

I can't believe this is happening.  When I saw - & continue to see - the awful destruction & flooding in heart just broke for those people & all they are going through.  I thought, "I don't think I could deal with that kind of tragedy".  Then within days here we are... Staring down hurricane ally at a hurricane that is even worse.  At Category 5 - the worst level - making its way & bearing down on the helpless people on the islands - the first land in it's path.  185 mile an hour winds.  Dear God.  I sit here almost frozen, with tears in my eyes trying to figure out the best thing to do....the best way to handle this terrifying situation....wishing I had a man in my life to give me a sense of "Everything will be ok.  We'll get through this together no matter how bad it is.".   I am blessed to have family here -  my sister & her adult children - so I have my nephew & niece's husband to help with the heavy lifting part of things....getting the patio furniture & anything else that can be picked up & thrown by the winds into the garage.  And both have cement block homes that we will be staying in during the storm.  My heart breaks for - & I am praying for - those that are alone that will have to stay in the designated shelters.  

My home is a frame home & if the storm goes directly over - which is the track it's on now - I will most likely lose it.  As I drive to & from the store & on any errands i have to do before the weekend, when it will hit,....I can't help but take everything in...the beauty of my neighborhood & home....fearing it will look very different after Irma has her way with it.  I'm doing my best to not panic & to have moments when I am appreciating & "enjoying" my home for the next few days before Irma gets here. 

Ok - back to taking care of business.  I thought I might keep updating here when I can so my friends here will know what's going on.  Bear with me as I'm not sure what I'll be doing at what time so....

Thank you for the support & kind words.  


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