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Dating Online
0 | 63 views | 07/22/2017, 07:21

I have been dating online for almost 2 years now after a surprise divorce left me devastated.  It ended up being a blessing but it took some time to get back to more normal.  During these 2 years I have texted quite a bit to probably 25 guys and 11 of them ended up being scammers; so BEWARE!!  If someone shows you pictures of his gorgeous car and wonderful mansion-like home LOOK OUT for they are trying to impress you and are usually scammers.  I always tell the guys that I have no money so don't ask but that isn't foolproof either.  Then they end up having you launder money for them!!  They can be delightful, loving, kind, generous and dote on you.  But don't be fooled.  I ended up desperate, I guess, so the last scammer who still denies being one, took quite a bit of my hard-earned money.  He says he will come and give it all back but I doubt it.  They sometimes don't use their own pictures but borrow someone else's.  It's a dangerous world out there.  Never give financial information or personal information like your social security number etc.  They will use it against you in the long run.  They are definitely charmers and do their homework.  Even a background check didn't show most of my scammers.  They checked out just fine.  The Nigerians and Ghanans are the BEST!


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