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Freezing Rain
0 | 33 views | 12/27/2016, 02:35

Today I attempted to head out in the freezing rain to observe and perhaps take advantage of a few Boxing Day Sales. Round and round I drove in the parking lot of the local mall, I wasn't the only one in search of an available parking spot. I waiting a very long time for this couple to pull out of their spot; due to the freezing rain on their windshield and them taking forever I eventually gave up in search of another spot. Ironically there were so many of us making the constant rounds of the parking lot - the freezing rain on people's car windows forced people to spend much time cleaning thus created quite a traffic jam. Well, I did get a spot and I managed to take advantage of a sale of two and was very glad to get back home away from the long lineups and the pushing shoving of countless buyers all trying to take advantage of a sale. This time of year makes shoppers go crazy!


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