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Gifts of the Spirit
0 | 33 views | 09/17/2017, 09:36

So, this just happened tonight: I am having many difficulties in my marraige and am carrying a lot of pain with me right now.  To clear my head after another long, hard talk with my husband, I took a walk in our neighborhood around 11:30 p.m. I found my way to the basketball courts and sat down on the court near the hoop, pulled my knees up to my chest, closed my eyes, let the still night and the chorus of crickets surroud me, and just started to recite prayers.  After several minutes, I opened my eyes to look around, and a red fox came padding across the street, right into the court, right up to me, stopped about two feet away, sat on its haunches and stared at me, unmoving, its dark eyes unwavering in focus and intensity. I have never seen a fox up close before and now, under the streetlamps, I was looking directly in the this fox’s eyes and it was looking right back. We sat there like that, just looking at each other for what seemed like a couple of minutes. I did not move, I barely breathed, but I held its eyes and broke out all over in chills, like my body knew this was something very important. The fox got up and then moved a little bit to the side of me, stopped, sat on its haunches, tilted its head and stared at me again like it was trying to figure out what manner of creature I was or what I was about. Quickly it got back up , padded a little further behind me, sat down and stared at me again from this new angle.  It repeated this same series of movements, about 7 times, and, each time it moved, I pivoted my body with it to hold eye contact.  It completed a full circut around me doing this and then, when it was in front of me again, it turned and started to pad away. When it was about 15 feet away, it turned back one more time to look at me, and then crossed the street and was gone. 

I’m not sure what this means, except I felt like I experienced something very special that I am sure I will never forget. It was an I/Thou moment of communion, a gift, one that I feel was sacred and important. Whatever happens in my life next, that just happened. 


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