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It took an angel
3 | 37 views | 07/26/2018, 17:13

The nights were long then, and sleep didn't come easy. Waiting for dawns light became a torture of sorts. The mind wandered so that peace, thought to be just around the corner, never showed. Knees were worn out asking for forgiveness, asking for saving grace and hoping that the penitence would yield results.

Days were filled with nothing more than going through the motions, merely marking time expecting an event to take place that would change the existing world. That the prayers said the night before would produce an answer. They were cold and dark times.

It took only a small step. There was very little hope for happiness as the message was written for all to see. Never before was this sort of thing ever tried, it was never needed. And so the heart was left open and vulnerable as if it were a worm on a hook.

Soon an angel appeared and responded to the message. The pain that had been there for so long was forgotten in her presence. In her eyes was a happiness that was more than enough for all and her laugh was sweet music. Her smile, enchanting. Her words came as welcomed as rain to a parched land. It wasn't long before contentment filled the air and the chemistry could not be denied. She was the answer to all of the praying. A heart was lifted higher than ever imagined and the soul was filled with a joy never before known.

What the future would hold was uncertain. But there was now a strength gained that showed faith and hope. No longer would emptiness be a threat nor loneliness be expected.

It took an angel.


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