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June 12, 2018
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So,  I'm drinking tonight. A couple doubles of Baileys & Hershey's chocolate..and maybe a "cherry" Pepsi later??? I need a vacation from me tonight... Its been a really ugly day.

I have two weeks to finish writing this bill. I have a month to polish it. Then its scheduled to be presented to The House on February 5. It means a couple weeks back in DC... Jean's terming out. Thank Jaysus she's backing this!!!

Hopefully Amy Klobuchar from Minn will pick up the banner. I'm using two of her legislative victories as the structural model for this entire bill..Hopefully,  THAT moves her.

I'm "stuffing" this thing with as many fringe items as I can. Even if they deny half of those,  the structural and core mandates & provisions will stand. Nobody bothers to read these things past the summary. Its sad,  but most Senators have no idea what they're passing. They pay people to read the legislation going through their offices. They read the summary afterwards.

I'm hoping to shelf this under an ADA umbrella. It's really where it belongs. Having that protection it won't be able to be changed later. My biggest obstacle is going to be locking in the funding. If I don't word this right,  it could be a disaster. Federal funds will be approved & set aside for it...but the moment no one's looking...politicians will have both hands in the cookie jar..and the vital money necessary to stabilize everything will be gone. Not this time!

I went to Lily's DI meeting today. I chose to stay out of the clinical review. I wanted to simply visit with her. She was so weighted. The heaviness was peeling off of her. She was flat,  and just heavy...Poor Baby. She doesn't even understand half of what's happening to her. They're over-medicating her!  I can't wait to move her. I've asked to speak to her doctor several times...I keep getting excuses about how I missed him..well,  boggers,  is he ever THERE???

I told her the bill we're creating is called "Lily's Law",  after her. I told her we're using everything that's happened to her to make it better for every child and young person with a mental challenge.  She hugged me for just a moment,  but I never got her to smile. She always smiles. I gotta get her off those pharmaceuticals...this is just killing me.

I spoke to Kevin @ C**  for D**. They can't take her. She isn't ready for their program. They want to stay  involved and monitor her though. They want her to participate in a sister program with a higher level of care,  until she's ready. The goal will be to get her on the least amount of meds necesssary,  instead of the highest dosages and combinations. It will also be independent ADL's, and mood stability. I KNOW she can do this! 

I reached out to a few new people today. I was hoping maybe I would get a response that makes sense to me. Unfortunately that's not what I found. One gentleman wanted a dominatrix. I wonder what was in my profile that made him think that I was searching for anything close to that???. 

Wow! I'm not judgin',  but that's just not for me! Did he see CATHOLIC on my profile? Really??? I need a relationship where there's equal respect and space for one another within the relationship. I don't think I'll find that in a dominatrix type situation. LOL.

 I've never done this dating scene type thing before,  but it certainly isn't what I was expecting. I think somehow I thought I would at least meet one person by the first few days who was a little compatible. At least someone willing to talk to me ..ahh those pesky Ideas ... LOL


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