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Just Another Day In Weirdsville
1 | 43 views | 02/17/2021, 20:03

 One fine day, whilst throwing good wishes upon passersby from my balcony, there was a knock at the door and my phone rang simultaneously. Since the door was closer, I answered the phone. An unfamiliar voice said, "Someone is knocking on your door" and the phone went dead. Distraught over the death of my phone because I had no idea who to ask to do the eulogy, I reluctantly answered the door. Thankfully it was the phone paramedics who expertly revived my phone. We all celebrated by watching nature shows and drinking unhealthy beverages made from tree bark and discarded VHS tapes. Just then, a swat team appeared and we were all arrested for our roles in making this silly story possible. I'm hoping for parole when eligible in another 7 minutes and 42 seconds. 


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