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I have recently had the opportuniy to spend a lot more time with my grandson because of my son's health problems. We are together whenever he is not at school and I feel like I have another chance at raising and positively influencing a child.. In a way, he is influencing me more that I am him right now. Having a child in my life keeps things real and down to earth. It helps me be a larger part of my sons life at the same time.  My son has epilepsy and has been in and out of the hospital lately and falling out from grand mal seizures.  Since the seizures started I feel like I have a family again. A purpose other than wandering.  Thank you Chris and Aiden

Please read his fundraiser. You can help Chris to have a more normal life by contributing to his medication purchase.  If you are planning to travel anytime soon, please consider re-allocating a small amount of money to benefit my family's wellbeing. It will make the difference in many lives.  Thank you



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