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Today is starting sunny and bright.It is the beginning of a new week phew 

. What a busy week has was just flown by ,what with flying back from Canada and doing all it's follow up work like washing and the most boring horrible job the ironing (wish I could find someone who liked it it would be the first maybe only job I would willingly pass over ) Then there is the food shopping and yes I know there is the Internet but when they put in a joint of lamb that is about the size of a good chop instead of a leg and some fruit that the sell by date is the next day  I gave up  on it .

Saturday night proved an excellent night at my club with a Queen Tribute Band., Forever Queen packing the place out (did a head count yesterday) just over 250 people we worked it out at and only one group of stupid little well should I say not so little girls misbehaving .Oh well I dealt with them though it took 3 goes to stop them. I am not akill joy  but dangerous thoughtless behaviour with complete disregard of others around you is not on . I did my favourite thing I danced the night away .who needs alchol when you can dance to your hearts content  it was a good successful night.I didn't get home till 12.45 and it took ages to wind down.

Sunday  well  I woke up as stiff as a board the old back and knee knew I had been dancing the night away .Lashings of Voltorol later I am moving about ache free again and oh the joy IRONING got to be done but try as I may wiggling my nose as in Bewitched dindn't work Plod on Blue get it done .

Son and his wife turned up 3 o'clock her brother's wife had given birth to another little girl she weighs in at 11lbs and is a little pudding with lots of dark hair ..She is hopefully ok as her elder sister Amelia is severe!y disabled .They have named her Hope .

Today might have dawned bright and sunny but I have a large black cloud looming at 11.30  the dentist's I don't have much that I am fearful of but the dentist is the archillies heal for me  ,terrified I am and have been for as long as I can remember I would rather be anywhere than sitting in a dentist's chair so the sooner it has come and gone the better

Think I will call it a day on my ramblings Take care all 




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