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Remembering Love and To Love
1 | 33 views | 10/11/2017, 05:54

Today was a hard day processing some bad news about a friend's health.  Thinking of this tonight, my thoughts turn to my father, a poet who, somehow always had the right words or the right kind of quiet to bring comfort.  The morning he died, he asked me to remember that "Love is a chance and a choice every day you are alive."   Tonight I feel him surrounding me with love, his big hand holding mine, giving it a gentle squeeze, whispering, "remember, daughter."

From the poet:

Wear Me

I want you to wear me comfortably,
as you would a dress
or the silver necklace that you wear
around your neck.
Comfortably, so that I am always
next to you.
But most important--
Something you decide
each morning to select.

-Robert E. Kogan


For the poet--Without Words

You told me

You were a part of my past,

not my future.

You told me

words stayed

when people left.

You told me you loved me.

You told me goodbye.

Seventeen years have passed

since you died.

Now I know what it was I could not say,

looking into your earnest green eyes,

I know what is 

Without words.

You are a part of my past, my present, and future

not because I can’t let go,

I don’t have to.

Before and after


There is love.

There you are.




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