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The Way of the Shaman
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Hello Again


I want to briefly mention that an aspect of Shamanic practice involves contacting your teachers and guides from the many planes of spirit. For this to happen you need to box off a portion of your busy day say in the early evening. Then prior to doing any of that search on line for any resources such as DVDs for assisting your practice. A good DVD from an on line Shaman shop will have recordings with drumming on them, used in shamanism to create the desired state of relaxation - The idea being to get you to a rythmic state of consciousness - when you start to slow down in your thoughts, which have been racing at high speed hroughout the day.

You will learn from a good competent DVD how to relax your deeply stressed physical body, By following the prompts by the Shaman instructor on how to breathe properly, get yourself into a comfortable position, and focus your mind on the guided imagery given to you by the instructor. You need to begin your shamanic journey by stating what your intention is on seeking out your teacher and guide, which can be an animal or a human. Also make sure you ask the guide or teacher what help you need to sort out a difficult problem you are grappling with. You may have to wait before you get a reply, days, weeks, or month and the reply can take any form. It can be a dream that gives you the answer, or what someone says to you out th blue, in this world, or something yu read in a book which inspires you.

Check out the literature on the vast subject of shamanism, go to somewhere like Youtube. There are plenty of beginner videos there to watch and learn from. In time buy yourself a drum and a ceremonial candlle or gong and use those to mark your sessions. Incense sticks are useful to create the right atmosphere.

Keep a journal of your experences as to how all this over time can benefit your overall well being. Now over to you and good luck.

Love and blessings





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