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Thursday evening
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well it is my last day in Mont Tremblant  and what a day  the weather has been awful really awful .Just to say the best things I have seen in the last 2 days has been two really brillliant very large I think Harleys one palish blue the other black .I was going to have a closer look but my Aunt wanted to get on the coach for the boat trip yesterday afternoon and so I couldn't  go and have a proper look at them and by the time I got back they had gone .Then this morning I was on the coach again when the glorious bikes pulled out of the Holiday in car park in front of the coach I was on  so sad I couldn't get a good look at the bikes.The heavens then opened so the prospect of walking round a village in the pouring rain loomed and pouring it was .We were travelling along and lo and behold there pulled up on the side of the road were again the two motor bikes and their riders I felt really sorry for the riders as they must have been soaked to the skin but oh those bikes .

We went to this wet deserted village and spent time in the church which was rather beautiful inside and out, then sat under a canopy until the bus returned ,oh happy day 

Tonight I had nice conversation with a French Canadian chap, Alain who works here that made a change from talking to my Aunty and ending up going to bed at 9.30 

Well tomorrow it is back to Toronto until Tuesday evening when I catch the 10.05 flight back to the UK .I won't have any internet contact after tonight until Wednesday evening  which is a shame but hey ho all things considered the 2 weeks in Canada have gone better than I thought they would .I have managed to lay the ghosts of my previous visit in 2015  for which I am greatful I feel easier in my mind now more settled 


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