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Vehicle restorers are History Teachers
0 | 32 views | 01/21/2017, 17:26

.            The best rebuilder I am familiar with are more history teachers, than car builders. Once these machines hit the rust heap, or become a toaster, or washer, young people will never know the beauty of Detroit Iron.  People who restore them know more about where the vehicle came from, who owned it, and what it took to bring life back to it, than the people who built it in the factory a hundred years ago. My 1928 Fors was a CoCa-Cola delivery truck for Fourty years. Now, it's pampered like a newborn baby. Most of us who do this for a hobby, see beauty in a rusted 3 ton piece of iron. And when we breathe life back into them, it shows. Thank you for your time.


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