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I Love to Cook
0 | 10 views | 06/14/2018, 07:34

Cooking is one of my greatest passions... I love to cook because it lets me be creative much like my gardening and art...the presentation of the food is much like an artists canvas... creatively balancing the colors and textures of the various foods..
I find cooking to be magical and mesmerizing..creating incredible mouth watering flavors tantalizing aromas sizzling sounds..
it's very relaxing... therapeutic ...stimulating ...soothing to the mind body and soul... for me my kitchen is "my sanctuary"
I started cooking for my dad when I was 9 years old... growing up cooking was very regimented.... with a list on the inside of a cupboard door with a menu listing the same thing for every Monday...Tuesday... ect... to be repeated over and over week in and week out...perhaps that's why I have such a desire to always try something new something different... including many of the Austrian foods I had as a young child before coming to the states from Vienna...

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