"Casting Stones"

It seems to me that some folks feel,
It's their right to criticize...
Never knowing what is real,
They choose simply to despise.

Well, that's OK...the loss is theirs,
'Cause I know what's inside...
And there'll always be someone who cares,
With no need to deride.

Unless one has walked in another's shoes,
And known the pain they've known...
What gives 'em the right to always accuse,
'Specially when they've faults o' their own?

I'll say only this to those who choose,
To keep throwin' stones each day...
With each stone cast, you only lose...
Revealing yourself with all you say!

Some of us have too much joy,
To be felled by untrue rumour...
So if acid opinions are your only ploy,
Try growin' a sense o' humour!

If one can't accept another's choice,
And sees it as rejection...
Perhaps one should stifle one's constant "voice",
And study one's own "reflection".
Great words Chuckle. 
No one has the right to criticize, insult or try to belittle any one else. Whether it be on this site,  by text message or any where else. None of us are perfect and we should learn to accept each other as we are. 
Great poem Chuckle Monkey.......you got talent kid!!  :D
THANKS so much for the kind comments, Ladies...I truly appreciate it.  :)
I enjoyed the poem chuckle.....we need to all live by the words....be kind, listen, and don't judge....I love your personality....zoejo