Well, I admit it...although it SHOULDN'T be (cuz I live in a TINY apartment)...COLLECTIN' things is one o' my hobbies...and a couple o' the things I've collected in the past are dolls & Teddy bears. Now, I'm not talkin' about priceless antiques...cuz I'm so poor, I can barely pay attention...and I don't even collect dolls anymore...but I do love modern collectible dolls...just reproductions, made from the original sculpts of some pretty amazing artists!   :wink:

I actually used to have well over a hundred dolls in my collection :shock: ...but sadly, I had to sell most of them over the course of a few years, to pay bills. :cry:  However, I still managed to hold on to a few of my very favorites! :D I particularly like the juvenile VINYL dolls (so my cat can't break 'em, like the porcelains)...with very EXPRESSIVE faces...sooo, without any further ado...please allow me to introduce a few of my remaining "kids"...and if there are any other doll or Teddy bear lovers in the group, I'd love to hear from you! :)  

The first photo shows a group of porcelain reproductions, whose original sculpts were all done by one of my favorite artists & a dear friend of mine (for many years), an Aussie lady, named Kaye Wiggs. At the time these were done...she sorta "specialized" in sculpting little Aboriginal toddlers...but these days, she has turned her talents to the latest big "craze" in the doll world...ball jointed resin dolls, originally started in Asia...and now, quite popular world-wide. The style is a lot different from these...but they still reflect Kaye's great gift for capturing "innocence" in her faces! :o  

This second one shows one more of Kaye's sculpts, between a couple by different artists:

These last three pics are of four dolls done by another of my favorite artists, Diane Bucki:


Anyhoo, that's just a few of 'em...I have several others that I will try to photograph & share at a later time, if anyone is interested. Regardless, THANKS to anyone who takes a peek! Oh...and the REALLY great thing about these "kids"...no sassy mouthin' off...no fussin', feudin', whinin' or cryin'...no dirty diapers...and ya don't have to feed 'em for 18 years (or more)...or put 'em through college! LOL

Oh, these are so cute Monkey.  My favorite is the top picture, front row, left.

They are all adorable tho, and I love the expressions on their faces.

Thanks for sharing this lovely group of collectible dolls. :D  
Hey Monkey you say you are poor?
Well then you don't know how small my apartment is

Put it this way when I get in the sunshine has to get out. There is never enough room for both of us.



Hey, Jessy...THANKS for takin' a peek at my babies! The one you seem to like best is Tanisha...and I love her face too...although I think the one on the left in the BACK row is probably my favorite of that group...her name is Maizie...and she's one of the first of Kaye's sculpts I ever owned. Up close, I just think her features look so realistic! :o

Anyhoo, now ya have a little more "insight" into my personality...I reckon I'm still just a "little girl" at heart...but the "funny" thing is...I didn't really start collecting dolls 'til I was in my late 40's...so I guess maybe that's when I began to enter my "second childhood". :oops: Interestingly, many of the collectors in the doll groups I used to belong to were close to my age or older...but I think most usually started collecting as a diversion from "empty nest syndrome", as their human kids moved out of the house...or because they had all boys & never had the fun of dressing little girls! However, I never even HAD a "full nest"...so I suppose, in my case...it was simply a "regression" to my childhood! :lol:  

Regardless, they have given me lots of smiles...so I'm glad I was able to keep at least a few of 'em! I'm also glad you enjoyed them too!  
Uh...BC...you iz just one CWAZY fella...but THANKS for da giggle!  :wink:
I am a little girl at heart too.  I used to have a beautiful collection of Gund bears.  One day I just decided to sell them at a sale.  For the little money I actually got for them (they are expensive), I was wishing I hadn't sold them, but donated them to a children's charity instead, but I didn't think of it until too late.

I don't collect anything anymore.

Thanks for shares these beautiful dolls Monkey.  Are they collectors items, or can a person still buy them from a store?