meet troy ... so sweet .. loves to sit and watch TV lol : )
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He looks sweet Trixi, is he yours?
Hi Gwynnie ... No not mine .. got him for roy for company ... so sweet a match made in heaven .. roy so happy and the little dog wagging his tail so happy to be out the dogs home and roy uses his left leg to pick him up on to his knee so sweet : ) .. and the dog loves to sit near roy and watch TV lol .. I swear ha ha ... it loves the TV lol : )
So cute Trixi.  Dogs are such good company 
I used to sit next to roy all the time lol ... but have to sit other side of the room now lol on the chair ! the little one wants to be next to roy .... wish I could show the pics of him and Roy to you .. but I can't ... it would be unfair to Roy x I'm so happy : )
Thank you tides .... yes they are ,, Roy was so lonely during the day and wanted a staffie ... I said no ... he has had a stroke and staffies are strong dogs who need a dominant male that Roy no longer is because of his stroke ... and i basically ran him to the dogs home this morning lol knowing there were two westies .. we got there and they were two brothers .. one was so confident and the other was so scared and timid and roy said he wanted the one so scared and timid to show it love .. and when we got home, this little dog so took to roy ... sat with him every opportunity and sits at his feet watching TV lol .. we quizzed him lol we kept turning TV off and on and when it came on he would run to Roys feet sit and look up at the TV lol it was so cute : )
That's lovely Trixi, I am sure Roy will spend many happy hours with his lovely dog. What have you called him?
We had a puppy once who saw a Westie on TV the first time he saw it. For months after that he would go round the back of the TV looking for the dog everytime it was turned on! Another we had loved the wildlife programmes.
Lol Gwynnie ... I can believe that .. saw it once .. a pet looking for something from the TV : )

Just called Roy and asked and he said the puppy tried three times to get on sofa .. third attempt he managed it and fell fast asleep with is little head on Roy's knee .. so happy: ) ...puppy just woke up as we spoke lol so Roy playing with it ... had to remind him to give him it's tea lol so he is doing it as we speak lol  ... a match made in heaven I swear ... name gwynnie lol ... think it's a beast .. TROY !! lol its only 4 inches from the ground lol .. Roy his sense of humour lol ... they are so suited .. the puppy is so scared .. Roy so kind he will get that dog to be a happy dog as he did our last that was abused : ) xxx
You gotta post some videos, girl! :)

That's a great idea Trixi, I would love to see him play. I used to breed dogs and get broody for puppies like I never did for kids :lol:
I have a Westie Trixie ,called Zack
They are great dogs.
He goes crazy when any animal,babies or children come on TV.There is an Australian vet called "Dr Harry" who comes on TV too that Zack goes crazy for too    
I never thought to video the puppy  DF... I will do that : )

Thankyou for your comments gwynnie and jaffa : )
Need to ring in the morning and find out how his first night went ,,, I perhaps should have stayed with Roy but I wanted the two of them to connect and leave it to Roy to care for him ,,, Im just so happy he has company during the day now, he was so lonely and to see the puppy all over him made me so happy, it was so cute how he played and then ran to the side of Roy, sit down and watch TV ... can anyone advise how you train them to use a puppy mat for weeing, I bought some ... how do I get the puppy to know its for weeing on? 
Trix, most people start puppy training with newspaper, if he will use newspaper, just gradually reduce the size of the area you are covering and put the mat on it. Don't forget to go overboard with the praise when he gets it right, either paper or mat. Eventually you will be able to remove the paper altogether. You don't say how old he is but if very young he may need to use it every 20mins! Take him to the place you want him to use very regularly, especially as soon as he wakes after a nap and after eating or play. Again lots of praise if he performs. It will take him a little while and obviously you don't punish or scold him if he gets it wrong, he is just doing what comes naturally. Good luck. :D
If you do a Google search for puppy training that may help Roy.
Basically most training will be treat based and praise.
Sounds like Roy isn't the only person getting a lot of pleasure from this little one. :D
Thank you Gwynnie .. I will try that and let Roy know. The puppy is 4/6 months old and I agree lots of treats and praise ,,, I never thought of newspaper, its a good idea and reduce it, thanks gwynnie : )
Trixi this is a very heart warming. I wish you and your family couldn't have picked a better companion.