In this world, where the polarities of what is good and what is bad, cause endless strife,
Where a person must decide what is right and wrong in one’s own life,
Where we are headed only we are deciding,
Down the road straight and narrow, or are we just hiding.

Experience beckons us forward, or perhaps we are pushing it away.
The first requires fearlessness to traverse the highway,
The second need only fear to wait for another “someday”.

At the end of this road one may find there only exists Love and Not-Love,
So then “As Above, so Below; As Below so it is Above”.

...words from afar
where is "afar" ? Do I want to know ? No....Each day we arise and basically have no clue what is in store. May be good, may be bad, we will deal with it because in our hearts we know what is wrong and what is right. We have to depend on our instincts and common sense. Sadly, some people do not have that luxury of a heart AND common sense. To err is human and hopefully we learn from our mistakes. Live the day for the day, what comes tomorrow will bring another journey, hopefully a pleasing one. Never look back and say "dang", deal with it the best you can and always be positive in your hopes and dreams. I heard it said that sometimes dreams DO come true,, and I am optimistic and always hope for the best, but will deal with the worst. I will continue to dream but will never bank on it per se. That's it...
"afar" is from the Cosmic realm.

Your candor is appreciated Black Widow; however, some of us do want to know and actively pursue that knowing through the methods available to us here in the Divine Laboratory called Earth. Personal evolution makes that possible and is our birthright - at least for those who desire it. After all, Desire is the engine behind all that has been created.

For those who don't have a Heart or Common Sense there will be another day, even though it may be in the very distant future. Cosmic compassion will provide for that.
right and wrong is an invention of a limited mind..stuck in a polarity..i prefer to say what feels good,or doesnt feel good...things just ....are...and are changable
Right and Wrong refer to what is not an obstacle to your progress and what is. If something hinders your personal evolution - it is bad; conversely, if something assists in your personal development in life, it can be considered good. From this perspective they are not limiting terms.
I agree with Willing that right and wrong are an invention of the limited mind. What is perceived as wrong to one person may be right to another and it all depends from a Universal perspective what will enhance the souls's growth. The individual soul wishes to experience all things on this earth plane and that is why it has chosen to come here. It is one of the harder schools of learning that is why it can offer the soul the highest of learning and growth. Most often that is through hardship and supposedly wrong decision making or what are considered misfortunes and bad direction taking. From the Universal eye and chosen before entry on to this plane what is needed by the soul will be met by the things experienced. So from this outlook there can be no right or wrong as invented by the human mind but experiences for soul growth and progress towards the One Soul. Just another thought from me...Fern
Again, no one is saying that there is an absolute Right or Wrong - only what aids you or does not aid you, or does Reality not affect what your decisions will be?

What is being termed "limited mind" has nothing at all to do with what was written originally. It is long understood that if one has not found a Profound Peace then one is still swaying from one polarity to another, or some degree inbetween. This IS wrong decision making? Until Profound Peace is found, one's decisions will always be impacted by the polarities - or are we all Perfect?
Sure,live in polarity all you want, we are creating our reality,so its our choice...but I believe we can enjoy a reality beyond Isness....I Am...I am that I am!...I am the smile on your face..I am a word on this page..I am all that once..appearing different,but all of the I Am...profound peace...that too..when all the emotions are owned,there remains a Joy...of I Am!