My son and daughter where watching television while I was cooking lunch. I was very cautious in making sure they watched shows that had neither bad language or suggestive material.Since they where young, this was a full time job. I assumed they where watching Sesame Street. While I was in the kitchen I heard a character on the television say the word "bastard". Shocked,I ran to the living room and the television commercial was on.Before I had a chance to say a word the television program they where watching came back on. My son who was six, turned to his sister and said "who is that man?" pointing to one of the people on the television program. Before I could grasp what the show was about, my daughter who was four said, "David don't you remember that is that Bastard. Pointing to the screen she then said, "That is his name that women called him !".
I turned the program off, gave them both a discussion on not to ever use that word again. Sent them off to play. Once they had left, I finally was able to laugh. To this day I still laugh.

Maybe you have something that still makes you smile even after all these years, you would like to share. It is true "children say the darndest things "