5 minute poem

Someone asked me in my vest
Can you write poem’s on request
I guess the answer would be no
The writing process is to slow

I sat and wondered how I gain
when they rattle out my brain
I sometimes think that it’s a curse
That I often think in verse

I type it all as it comes out
Some are good I have no doubt
some are only mixed up prose
I don’t forward none of those

So I’ll sit and try to do
What the person asked me too
So I typed this straight away
And I’ll ask you if I may

I wrote this poem in my vest
Does it pass the poem test
Does this count.... is it true
I’ll just leave that up to you
Yes it says a lot esp about people who don't understand that poetry isn't just about rhyme . It's amusing too . I write but never share .
I think people should post more poetry and not just rhyming verse. Poetry does not have to rhyme as long as it scans. Its good that people can share their own compositions here. :D
i'm not as good with other types of poetry and altho I do write I don't think i'd have the courage to post something more serious but you never know maybe in the future.
thanks G1 :)