50 plus

For this years hols I’d like to see
Some of my friends from 50 P
Before I leave I’d best go forage
I’ll visit Graham he’s in Norwich

Gwynnie beats me in the quiz
At general knowledge she’s a whiz
I need to go and have a talk
So now that’s right I’m off to York

I’ll go to Ireland where’s my map
While I’m here I’ll call on Sapp
Anch is here he means no harm
I’ll go see him down on the farm

Head for Europe take a rest
Find myself in Budapest
The weather here is rather nippy
Now I can pop in on Ippi

In the states are quite a few
Patso, Nant and Jersey too
To meet this lot I’ll need to roam
I hope at least that some are home

In Canada too it is the same
To many here to list and name
But there’s one I’d love to meet
As I think Lizz is oh so sweet

If I did this I’d have some fun
But alas it can’t be done
So I say to hell with that
I’ll see you all tonight in chat xx
Good one drift! You are a man inspired! :D
What a clever and fun mind!
drifrer in the room is a friend  ,,he is crazy is big foot in moccasins hehe  . monster of condominum rooms and dreams lol  ,drifter in the room i a  friend .. he wrote straight sentences ,they sound like potery , reverberated like a narrative / special lines are great being unwound by the hand of a gentleman  :D  come to ireland drift for the craic  :wink:
Good one Drifter. Be great to see you in York, you can take me out to dinner! :lol:
Gwynnie how is a struggling poet supposed to afford to take a lady out for dinner ? lol
Fish and chips by the river?