Is anyone aware of the dangers of this new and quickly advancing (or encroaching) technology? I like technology - I like the convenience of it, but there are some dangers to it, and it would seem the power structure doesn't want to put any more safety measures in place.

I don't want to get on a soap box about the dangers of some of these new technologies, but if anyone is interested in some links where you can read for yourself, I will be happy to send you the info. I would be quite concerned if you live in a larger city, particularly a new 'smart city' or 'megacity' (Like Los Angeles or the Bay Area). I would rather you see the data yourself because I do not like to argue or debate about topics. I simply do the research and write about it myself.
The biggest danger with new tecnologies involve how quickly we come to rely on them. When they fail, as all technology must, then what?
Much of it is short term technology which is regularly replaced by more updated versions and I suspect this is likely to continue
Techonolgy has been around for ages, like hearing aides, but now they have become more advance which I don't like. Cellphone if you are talking about them, yes I can see some danger in that, can't cross the street without nearly getting hit because they are to busy with texing which is against the law here, but they find a way to text without anyone seeing that they are texting or to busy changing the tune of music on their Ipod to pay attention to where they are going.

New techonolgy now a day help a lot of people, so depending on which technology you are talking about.

People who are paralyze get a chance of freedom, home are equip with devices that are control by remote of some sort that help them to get in and out of bed, bath. It awesome to see that kind of freedom.

For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, computer is great, we get to learn words that we never heard of due to hearing loss, some who are born with it or childhood disease. So all these advance techy stuff are great, but some of them are not so great like hearing aides, can't control the volume and have to go to the agency to have it fix with their computer, hate that, so I just don't wear it if I can't control the volume. but other stuff like laptop where people are using notbook or Ipad, or tablet, I am sure there are other devices out there that can be change for improvement.
I am sure there are more techy stuff out there for people who can enjoy the freedom or not.
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Yes, neural lace has the potential to do so much for Parkinson's and Als suffers. That being said, the potential for evil also exists, as with all great break throughs in science,0penAI sees the benefits, curing illnesses using the ability to connect the human brain to a super smart computer, via neural lace tech, but there will always be some one else looking to use it for their own gain. Still, I love the whole idea of inter-connecting the human brain and computer for flying aircraft, space shuttle etc.
What a world we live in!
Technology has been around for as long as humans have, from the first primitive tools to super computers. We would not have the long and comfortable likes we have without it. Its actual arrogance and greed that has pushed for automation and AI.
Do you know within 10 years as many as 8 out of 10 people could lose their jobs to automation and AI.
I hate talking to one of those machine.

Um can you please repeat that? they don't understand that.

I also HATE wireless hearing aide!