The first chat room I visited back in 98 was at the now defunct theglobe dot com. It was the 40-something chat room; there were chat rooms for each decade as well as private rooms. The site also had forums for discussing topics, but the site was not a meet to find love site. From chatting there I got used to their idea of how to chat .

Except I'm not sure this applies to the 50plus chat room.

I chat to have fun. It doesn't occur to me that people there may be trying to have an actual conversation. When I look at the list of chatters on the homepage and see 2 names I assume these 2 would prefer to not be interrupted. I hesitate if I see an evenly gendered group, still feeling I might be interrupting.

When the room has a number of chatters a conversation is almost impossible anyway. Anything more than short quick answers often don't even get noticed. And it's much more difficult to maintain who is addressing who. Posts get missed, conversations gets scattered.

For example, last night I missed another chatter asking me if I was gay. Initially I thought she was making an incomplete post so I shot back with a quick response thinking there was more of the question coming. Ooops. I hope I cleared that up.

But this chat room has a great core group of really nice people. For the most part, no one is juvenile and no one comes in just to cause angry confrontations. And to the site's credit, this chat room doesn't have the issues of the older versions that were easily hacked, usernames kidnapped, and all hell breaking loose from trolls making trouble.

The core group welcomes every user who drops in and an effort is made to make new users feel comfortable. Our topics may not be to your liking and we might get a little silly, but that's the whole point - it's a place to escape what we deal with in real life.

I might personally get a little carried away and I hope if someone feels I'm bouncing too high off the walls they would say so to me. I'm never there to make people feel badly and hope no one would be afraid to say anything to me. It's not my intention to scare or offend anyone, only to joke and have fun.

Am I on track with this? Is there anyone else who'd like to express what you expect of the chat room? Please feel free to offer your thoughts.
I don't use the chat room very often. And when I do, I generally don't talk much. I prefer to just sit and watch. It's almost like reading a book as it's being written.

I'll speak when spoken to. And you're right - there are some WONDERFUL people in chat! :D

You are both right, you will find some really nice people in chat. yes its all for fun we have had parties in there and pole dancers  :lol: members do go out the way to make you welcome, so yep just enjoy and be fun loving . :D             forgot to mention the parties and pole dancing was all make believe, put it was fun