"A Freudian slip is when a person has a slip of the tongue, where they say one thing, but mean another. Named after Sigmund Freud who was a medical doctor, physiologist, and psychologist." For more information on Freudian slips here is one of many web sites.


Example of a Freudian Slip: "While watching a commercial advertising a laundry detergent, Lenny asks his girlfriend to pass him the phone, but instead, he says, "Babe, can you pass me the soap?"" (I don't think that is too much of an embarrassment); however, this corporation advertising apartments and condominiums would surely have been embarrassed over advertising in the rental section "apartments for rent" and "condoms for sale"....what a Freudian slip!

Does anyone care to share one of their embarrassing moments of a Freudian Slip?   :roll: