2 cans re-fried beans 1 jar salsa you pick normal mid hot 2 philly cream cheese shred lettuce optional diced black olives.Shred sharp cheddar.
In a 9 by 13 pan butter out one can of the beans.At room temp take other can and two philly cream cheese and blend them together.Once smooth ad in half your jar of salsa blind that so it is nice and smooth.Spred that over beans in the pan top off and cover to spred remaining salsa cover with shred lettuce topped with cheese and black olives.Cover and let sit in frig for 1 to 2 hours and use your favorite dippers like corn chip scoops,Doritos,Chips and enjoy.Want to spice it up ad in some taco season thinly slice green onions.Play around with it but makes for a good party favor
yummmy... ok there goes my diet
If only fish could drool...

Keep 'em coming, Pops :mrgreen: