We All Belong.

Once in a while, something happens,
It brings a big smile, to your face,
Great minds, converging together,
In a great, happy meeting place.

The people so chatty, and funny,
The topics, so crazy and mad,
Laughing so hard, hurts your tummy,
Crying in fun, is never so sad.

The banter, goes backwards and forwards,
The screen, is sometimes a blur,
Our Comics, should receive some awards,
For the pain, we all have to endure.

Our bonding, sets conditions of madness,
Our fondness, never knows no bounds,
Our loyalty, bestows us awareness,
Our closeness, makes us care in abounds.

So come in, and join this party,
Don`t sit there, all lost and alone,
We sometimes, are a bit tarty,
Have fun, in this crazy funzone.

To all who have made this so pleasing,
I thank you all, so very much,
Don`t stop the laughter or teasing,
Ya`ll a badass, such and such.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
what a wonderful way to express the sometimes madness of the chat room. :D :lol:
I love it Chris you perfectly summed up a fun night in chat, one of those special nights. Great memories and I hope many more to come.

That definitely expressed what happened last night. I had so much fun. I was so happy to see so many enjoying themselves in chat again. I hope it continues.

Jersyangel x
Sniper this so well written and expressed beautifully. :D
Every day is different
I am just grateful for the lovely people that I have met on here
I love it
Thanks for all the wonderful comments and i love doing it so it is a good thing and here`s to many more
Take care all mucho love lol
Oh yes I agree with everyone....great expression of the chat room antics...well done snipes
Thanks Fern, always great to get your feedback,
Take care,
Always great to get all the good feedback ty all
you all have made me welcome for that I am grateful .You all have brought to me a smile and laugh Thank you , I feel it a privilege to be able to get to know you all and hope that the friendships developed on here will continue for many years

Gail aka Blue1lady
Hi Gail, no worries sweets and ty for saying so and glad you enjoy it here.
Ah No.
Missed a great night.