Henry and Abigail
by Jennie Lynne Rennie

“Henry!” screeched Abigail, “where is my breakfast!” Henry looked at her and toddled off to go get it. “Henry!” she screeched again, “where is my breakfast!”
Henry brought Abigail her breakfast. “It’s about time!”
“Yes dear,” was all he said.
“Henry!” she screeched again, “I’m still hungry; get me some more food, now!”
“Yes dear”, was all he said.
“Hurry up, I’m hungry!” Henry toddled off to find her so me more food. He wondered why he stayed with her. She was always screeching at him. It wasn’t bellerin‘, it wasn’t yelling, it was always screeching. He knew he loved her and she loved him, but the screeching would get to him, so he would go off with his buddies for a little while. They would hang out at the beach, the campgrounds and sometimes the park. He liked the beach best because he could find all kinds of goodies. He could warm himself in the sun and there was almost always someone there he could chat with.
Where, Abigail, on the other hand, would always peck at him, “where are you going?, what are you doing?, when are you coming home?, where’s my food, why are you doing that?”, and on and on and on.
He knew she had a “busy” life.” She would always screetch, “none of your nosiness!” His friends would tell him to leave her and he was tempted, sooooo tempted to leave her, but he had made a commitment to her when they courted and he promised her he would never, ever break it. She had changed over the years. She was so quiet when he first met her. He figured that having so many kids may have made her so bitter. Every spring, when they came to the lake, she was always pregnant and would have two or three babies. Then in the fall, after they had grown, would fly south. Maybe she missed her babies and that’s why she would nag him. He was happier when they flew south for the winter with the rest of the flock and she would spend time with her Blackbird family.