Hi Everyone,   Im new to the forums.  I'm going on a cruise by myself in November.   Anyone else ever do that?  Any suggestions for a single lady traveling alone?  
I can't comment about cruises in spite of having been across the ocean 3 x on a ship, but I think any travels alone can be a time just filling in with "something to do" or totally exciting depending on ones ability to connect and make friends with total strangers.
Those friendships can be welcome to share mutual activities on board or even on shore excursions, but to a single woman - and especially on a cruise ship - too much trust can sometimes lead to unexpected surprises, most likely from other singles.
Have fun and be safe!
Cheers :D
Hi,  I am new to 50plus group

I just want to wish you a relaxing holiday, and hope you make friends on your journey.

Hi I'm also new to the site. I've recently returned from my first holiday on my own & it was fab. I could come & go as I liked and generally do what I wanted. I'm hoping this trip was the first of many, don't worry you'' ll have a lovely time and wandered what you were worrying about.
Good for Any1 that is doing things by themselves,
Fair play to ye, getting on with life,
Instead of hiding away, I know it can be too difficult for some,
but it is all in the trying.