My friend is married to a woman who totally changed after a fatal car accident. She is into religious studies and while she has heart for the husband, and appears normal doing all the lovely things for the two, she does not sleep in the same room and has a belief that making love or enjoying mating in one bed is only until the age of 50 and then you are to meditate and reach for higher awareness/divinity etc
While my friend does not want her to be unhappy and allowing her to do her way, he is always complaining that something beautiful that we are blessed with is now taken away from him and he is deprived of the pleasure of body and mind.
He is affraid that his wife would not approve if he finds a long term partner who also would love him whole heartedly. He wishes to have a good relationship to enjoy pleasures man and woman together long to have. He is now searching for a woman who would like him and go for a loving relationship, knowing well the situation
Any comments?
This sounds like "sly fox" stories.
Couples Therapy :roll:
Catastrophic events (and lesser ones) can open it up for some to go deeper and get more in touch with the soul or essence through whatever methodology while the same event may prompt others to pursue or try and keep the "surface" firmly intact. When cracks appear in one's reality, it can begin to let the light through. As one embarks on this process, it can be quite disruptive to their partner. (Went through this myself and in contact with a few that are experiencing it.) For me (and in talking with others), acceptance is key. As the saying goes "it's not what happens to us that hurts us, it's our reaction to it that hurts us"... took me a few years to get my head around this. Change is the only constant and we tend to resist change... acceptance without judging (attaching good or bad to "what is") and then experiencing what opens up next on this path. It always works out, it isn't easy however I don't think life is here to be easy as it continually presents challenges and then growth...

Great insight. Thanks for sharing