Angel and Scorpio. I tried to comment on your great blog Angel and I can't for some reason. Anyway, thanks for posting it. I enjoyed reading it. And Scorpio, I tried to comment on some stuff in your gallery and again I can't. Must be gremlins on this forum. :lol:  
I don't know why you cannot make a comment.....only one blog shows at a time so if you go to the list and get into the list of articles select the one you wish to make a comment in. I hope this works. Thank you for posting....much appreciated. :)
I think there is a hic up in this site, notice when I post something, it don't show that it was submitted, so I close out everything and re enter and voila... that post is there.. imagine that?
Yes, exactly the same thing happening to me stardaisy.
Angel, it showed up later, just like stardaisy said.   :lol: