I have just got into gardening since moving from Tenerife where I lived in an apartment. I have put the back garden down to vegetables and the front is grassed with small flower beds. This year 2012 I'm going to make a garden table and bench to be able to sit and enjoy the peace and tranquility. Found a brilliant design at a roadside cafe (very well made) have photographed it and measured it up.
Well, no garden but I do manage a garden centre so I get to see trees, herbs, and lots of flowers everyday and they never die and always look beautiful in garden centre world! At the moment everywhere is filled with jewel-bright primroses, regal purple irises and shy delicate snowdrops and I have just noticed that the camellia are starting to flower.
A yes, to gardening, I turned my yard into a semi Bonsai garden, more borders with small plants, less lawn and a vegetable garden. A semi desert climate gives me a good variety of weather to grow most veggies. Cold in the winter, some -15 etc days but generaly a short winter. Trees surround my yard, therefore it's well protected from harsh winds, and the trees and shrubs keep the garden cool in the summer. Enough food to last into the early spring. then on to gardening again.
Have just moved house before xmas and am now thinking what will I do with my garden :? I brought a bamboo plant and some other potted plants with me so will leave them in there pots for now,there is a small empty plot so hope to grow some kind of veg pototoes and salad veg etc..what would be the easy kind of veg to grow?I just had flowers in my last garden...
I am an avid flower gardener in Ontario, Canada.......a lot of roses :D

I will try to upload some photos later on...my photos seem too large to upload, so I will have to read how to resize the pics.

I stopped trying to grow veggies because there are a lot of squirrels here, and they would taste everything I grew of veggie nature. Of course they ate the heads off my tulips too. And yes tried mothballs, they just move those around my garden. I'm trying ceyan pepper now for the little paws.

I grow many varieties of roses, hydrageas, delphiniums, trying foxglove (not as successful), clematis, hostas, astilbe, impatients, petunias, geraniums, bleeding hearts, obedience plant (which isn't very obedient :lol: ), several flox varieties, lillies, daisies, salvia and many, many more....
Looking forward to looking forward your photos Roselady ...all those lovely flowers sounds so colourful.. :)
RosesLady wrote:
I stopped trying to grow veggies because there are a lot of squirrels here.... And yes tried mothballs, they just move those around my garden. .

I've never tried to grow mothballs..... which way up do you plant them? :lol:
I tried growing tomatoes in a tub near the back door a few years ago, but my dogs picked and ate them as fast as they ripened so I didn't get any. Then I tried planting a "squash" in the tub, & my old dog pulled it up every time she went past..... :roll:
I know when I'm beaten.. :lol:
Now I grow window sill plants - & am trying to forget the time I found a row of orchids carefully laid out on my patio, minus their pots! :shock: :lol:
My husband and i took an allotment on when we retired,its hard work but very rewarding.
We have grown all sorts of vegetables,potatoes,carrots,cabbages,leeks,beetroot,runner beans
parsnips and onions ,we have done well with butternut squash, and lots more.
Also fruit strawberrys and rasberrys.We grow a few flowers also.
Its like being in a different world there,quiet,and lots of birds singing in spring.Somtimes i just like
to sit for a while and take it all in.We have a chat with other allotment holders, and the local
council judge the allotments once a year and give out a certificate and a small prize to the
Hi everyone where are you all ? busy gardening i expect, well we have started planting the seed trays now with a few items ,the onions are coming up and the broad beans we have planted cabbage seeds and sprouts,And also a few flower seeds,the allotment has all been dug in the autumn and manured,we are already to go?
How are you gardeners doing.
Well Spring is here and I am going out to plant some bulbs and just hope they grow. I grew beautiful gladioli last year and am replanting the bulbs.The sun is shining and warm. Great. The garden is 175 feet long and I have to buy a new lawnmower to tackle it. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which lawnmower to buy? I cant use those petrol ones where you have to pull the string. Too hard.
I love to have my garden to look beautiful in Summer, but I have to admit I don't like the work, 
if there is someone planting/tidying. the garden then I like to help. and my son was here
yesterday, saying ! I should plant Gladioli, saying "they would look good at the back of my 
raised bed.. think I will plant , what month will they flower.??? also what about Foxglove ??
nice to hear views
When I moved into my cottage 2years ago, it had never received any love, inside or outside. The garden was pure scutch grass and v hard to manage. I started by painting the ugly back wall [quite high] a cream colour, got a male friend to put up some trellaces and immediately made a few beds and planted Solanum Glasnevin [the purplish one] and the white one, theyre very vigorous growing and also I go two different types of Honey suckle   and lots of huge Terracotta pots and coloured pots and put all perennial plants and wildflowers around, poppies, cornflower,. I tried to have it a butterfly attracting garden and ive 3 seats in it , not because its big but because the sun moves around in a weird way and its nice to be able to sit in the sun..      I have arthritis in my feet and legs but still did the front in pebbles and made a raised bed [2] with again, solanum going over the door and lots of poppies and Lavendar so that you can rub up against it coming into the hall door and you ll get the scent, theyre still flowering and its nearly November.       I love the simplicity of Geraniums and dont like a formal garden, after all its a humble cottage in the middle of a busy Southside part of Dublin with alot of traffic.  
I'm no expert so no roses for me.   I also love Feverfew and herbs with a nice scent that flower.
Its a hobby of mine and next Spring, I would hope to pebble the back and maybe have a tiny pond. 
:D sure sounds nice goldengloss... I wish I could take a walk in this peaceful place...

I have a tiny garden not very big at all... with a pond and some koi ... some roses...and a variety of other flowers... the Hibisus are the best always in bloom. I love the hummingbirds that come to feed on them.
BikerD you seem to do well with your little garden... how is the weather in Notingham? is it warm enough for the garden? what do you plant?.
Hi Jacqueline Rose, I have a cottage garden, I hope to get rid of the grass in spring and put down pebbles as the grass is difficult for me to cut ! i have poppies [now going coz of the frost.] californian poppies, butterfly attracting plants and lots of wildflowers. I love panises and Viola and have a cream climbing rose. I have lots of different types of Lavender, it grows best in the front where sun shines all day, I have french and English lavender. The french is nicer as its thicker but the English lavendar has a nice smell.Take care and look after yourself . Goldengloss . Rosie x