Hello i dress horse shoes for weddings which i enjoy also dress wooden spoons for weddings
What ? Horse shoes? Wooden spoons for weddings ? Dress them ?
Ok, I got to know, what do they look like ?
Forgive me, are they wedding gifts ?
just curious because I've never seen anything like them before. Sounds cool.
cindywindywoos wrote: Hello i dress horse shoes for weddings which i enjoy also dress wooden spoons for weddings

It's different. My question would be:
where do you find horse shoes anymore? :-)

cindywindywoos wrote: Hello i dress horse shoes for weddings which i enjoy also dress wooden spoons for weddings

I am thinking about this now.

What kind of shoes do horses wear with tuxedos?
:P Well Truck, definately not brown shoes w/ that tux lol....Kathy
:) I buy white ceramic figurines and then I paint them. True, they will never win 1st place anywhere, but I find that this relaxes me and my mind wonders over the past and contemplates for what the future will bring. The ceramics vary in object form, from angels to fairies and everything in between :) Its something I enjoy and I find that no same ceramic is ever painted the same. :)
friendlyheidi likes visiting volcanoes , my profile picture is me at the summit of Mount Etna in Sicily last year . Etna was my first volcano in 1989 , I belong to the Open University Geological Society . I've been to more than a dozen including Teide in Tenerife , Kilauea on the Big Island Hawaii , Crater Lake , Mount St Helens & Mt Ranier in the US .

If anyone is interested in seeing volcanoes please reply , I've got lots of pictures including lava from 10 feet away - not your average holiday snaps !

I'm looking for friends , either sex , to go on holiday & other activities with me , maybe Indie music gigs , exhibitions , shows . I need new friends with get-up & go .
The old lot's get-up-&-go , got up & went ! :roll:
I fly radio-controlled helicopters and a type of plane called a 'wing', which is basically a shaped piece of polystyrene foam. These things can fly up to 250ft or so, and travel at up to 60mph. Both of these are battery powered, making them much more environmentally friendly than petrol-type engined flyers!
I enjoy outrigger boating. Our 6 person team paddles 2 evenings a week in the harbour and around neighbouring islands. We go out rain or shine, with waterproof gear and headlights during winter. Does anyone else out there outrigger?
I make puzzle boxes which are a bit hard to explain but ....

Imagine a maze with sliding doors that open and close. Imagine guiding a ball through this maze. Now put a lid on it so you can't see what is happening. Cover the whole lot with marquetry veneers with designs and 'hidden' messages and you get some idea. I always classify them by the time taken to complete them and they go from a relatively simple '1 month box' to the somewhat fiendish '6 month box'. Most people don't manage to complete them in the stated time.
FTA=Free-to-air= the reception of any unencrypted TV/radio signals from any satellite,legally.North America lags far behind the rest of the world here because of the 'influence' the satellite TV providers have on the government.With the proper box you can start with just an old Star choice (or Prime Star)dish and LNB.That's what I am going to do in a few minutes.In North America you don't get regular  programming  on FTA ,mostly religious and foreign language,but there are channels like RTV (retro) with shows from the 50-70's on AMC9 at 83w (west).galaxy 19 at 97w has well over 200 channels including Aljazerra news and RT News.There are forums you can join free and ,essentially,go to tech school.It is excellent for someone with lots of time to kill.You can even get channels from Europe from where I live in east coast Canada.Just google "FTA forums" and 'read 'til your eyes bleed'.
Brazil is even further behind than us.
I have been building wild custom motorcycles and hot rods for 30 years. 5 years ago I became interested in Medieval events and have started building swords and crossbows. Learning to braid rope belts

I dress salmon and trout flies
I refurbise old furniture and other items like vintage jewelry into new pieces. My favorite project so far is a bath vanity I made from an old chest of drawers. tiled off the top, used some doors from another piece and painted it, not half bad and a lot cheaper then buying one of similar quality. I also like working on my house.