I never really thought much about this before - actually I thought it was a bunch of hooey - but I went to a workshop on Friday night with a guy who has been doing it for 20 years, studied under a master in India, and has combined it with astrology.   He took prints of our palms and then went around the room one by one analyzing the prints and comparing them to our palms when necessary. I had a bunch of starbursts in my right palm (my past) and I asked him what that meant. He said it was stress and exhaustion and what happened in last year. I said my dad passed away in July and I had spend the previous six months caring for him at home, along with two high needs dogs and my mom and trying to work at the same time. I was stressed -- and tired.

I thought that was interesting.  My left palm had a smaller burst right in the centre of the palm so I guess I'm still tired and stressed but not so much.  
Hey Musthavesally,
Sorry about your dad, i didnt know,
A Palmist told me, i would live in a big house with steps up to it,
F......N Mental Hospital. 
Are you sure she didn't mean "the big house" as in jail?   :lol:
Wud u bake me a cake,
keep d cake, bring on the conjucaL thingy visits. 
 LOL Scrum...
Wish she wud hurry on Taz,
Bubba and his crowd are looking at me. 
I gave the cake to Bubba  :lol: :lol:  He'll be halfway across the country soon.
Good, cos it was my body he was after.
Is Bubba short-sighted? :lol: :lol:
I Dunno where he's short, and I dont want to know either, Im nobod'y bitch.
If The Vatican found out, Id be exconsexted, watever. 

BTW, I Tried ringing FISH again,  got voicemail still. 
Maybe Bubba just wanted to read your palm? :)
Gawd Jaffa, U and ur upside down world,
This started with Musthavesally  going to the palmist,
I Went as well and didnt pay, hence me in prison,
Sally showing her undying love for me, brought me a cake,
but instead she gave her cake to Bubba, who according to Gwyn,
is short in a place that's important, (Ye, I agree, how does she know),
But Sally still has that big smile, so maybe Bubba is not so small at all,
and im still here, no cake, no Sally, just me and a bucket, Sigh. 
In that case scrummy, why not make a bucket list? :lol:
You told me you didn't want my cake and Bubba promised me a free trip to Mexico. 

He looks more like Groucho, than Bubba,
So ur saying, anybody that offers u a free watever, ul be gone,
Pft, undying love, my ass, As for the bucket list, I must learn the words of Lay Down Sally,