I've been a life long railfan. For the last 42 years I've lived near the Southern Pacific/Union Pacific coastline. Are there any other members here who enjoy the trains?
yes i have always love trains, i working in england for british rail for 25 years before thety went private. still go on railtours here with desils and steaM HAULAGE. now got into doing cruises and ships but trains are still my 1st love
Yes, I worked on the German Railroad many years. Today, I am retired and enjoy my life. I worked on different functions, from the small worker until in the computer Center.
I was lucky enough once to travel overnight on a train and had one of the best sleeps of my life. With the rocking motion and the noises associated with the train I slept like a baby. I have also traveled on the Euro train while vacationing in Europe, loved every minute of it.
Hey everyone. I have been a model railroad fan since I was 9 years old, when my dad bought me a lionel 027 guage set. At 19, I started in HO guage, built 5 layouts in that scale. At age 35, I started N scale modeling, and built 6 layouts over 15 years. At age 59, i started Z scale, the smallest of the scales. Although i need a magnifying glass to work on the scale, I love it. You can see how small that scale is in "My Gallery" on this site. Thanks for reading this.
I loved the old steam trains; the noise the smell and the old engines! Sadly its a thing of the past
I have always been a rail fan/photographer, in the UK. My favourite locomotives were the Bullied Pacifics.
My son is a driver (train operator) on the London Underground
I'm not really a fan as much as an x employee now retired. I was a locomotive enginneer for 31 years in Canada. I drove frieght trains and Passanger traims and my favourite were passanger trains because of the speed and meeting people, Bob
I live in St Thomas which 100 years ago and more was the rail capital for Canada. All trains coming into Canada from the US, and viseversa came through St Thomas. We had a round house to repossion the steam engines. We still have some of the original shops and our train station is approx 133 yrs old. We have a Railway Museum, and in our shops (also over 100 yrs old) a group are restoring several steam locamotive engines from the 1890's. We have coaches too from the 1920's. For special occassions the steam locomotives and coaches are put into operation for short special runs. I have been on them for a run to Port Stanley and also to Sheddan. So neat to do that. We have "Thomas The Train" come to St Thomas every summer too.
Been a steam fan for many years. Driven Traction Engines and Rollers all over the UK. Overhauled full sized engines as a hobby. Made coal fired miniatures as well. Volunteered as an engineer at a local railway preservation society
I grew up in a house perched on the side of a mountain in south Wales, in one of the mining valleys. I saw many steam trains hauling iron ore, coal, oil, and the like up and down the valley's for years. We had the massive 2-10-0 tanks, and the even bigger 2-10-0 BR 9F's hauling massive goods train slowly up the winding valley's. The saddest day was watching the first diesel coming up the valley, From my vantage point, you could normally steam engines coming up the valley by the huge plumes of smoke and steam forced out the chimney stacks as the laboured their way up the gradient long before they rounded the bend and into sight. The diesel was different, hardly any smoke a different sound and a horn not a whistle, it just didn't seem right to someone like me being so young.

At the age of about 7, I was on a visit to Barry Island and the Butlins holiday camp. My father had parked up, in an outside car park, which over looked Woodhams Scrap yard. What a sad sorrowful sight. Hundred upon hundred of steam engines lined up waiting to be scrapped. Slowly rusting and weeds growing up and around the wheels, out of empty coal bunkers. I was always in awe of the size of the driving wheels, as one day my dad found a hole in the fence and we went in and wandered up and down the lines of rusting hulks. The wheels of the really big express locos, was just mind bogglingly large. After all the passing years though, the has been a vast number of those engines saved from the gas axe and restored and in daily use once more around private preserved lines all over the country. A very memorable trip.

These days I would love to be able to get my boxed up model trains out and have a garden layout, but time sadly is still not on my side, to much to do, and not enough hours in the day.

I would recommend anyone to go and visit the Pendon Museum in Oxford, a great day out, and for railway buffs in particular, the site you will see is just breath taking. Here is their link: [url] http://www.pendonmuseum.com/[/url]
hi im one too ive g gauge denver south park and pacific and am building a 4mm southern railwayone in the spare room (padstow)
The house I lived in as a kid, overlooked the Canadian National main line! I loved watching the trains go by, with all the different kinds of rolling stock! When the German military went to base Shilo, in Manitoba, most of their large equipment went by on the train. Military tanks, trucks, etc! I also had a ho scale model train when I was younger!
Yes! I have been a train person since I was a Kid when my parents bought me my first train set some 56 years ago. I got out of it as a kid a few years later as at that time it took up three quarters of the basemen. we decided the room down there was needed more for other things, so they got packed up and put away. I got back into it many years later and started with the HO series and that took also half my basement, it was getting to big for the house and my wife at that time said I was spending all my extra money on new train stuff. She was right, and after a couple of layouts, I decided to dismantle the layouts and store the trains. My grandson wanted to get into trains as a hobby and the bug bit again. Pulled out Ho and started to build layout with him. I have collected over the years over two hundred cars and extras, scenery materials engines , you name it. It again was taking over the basement, the rec room, the spare bedroom and even into the utility room. I decided then after not having any basement space left to go to the N scale. I have not build it into a layout yet, just collecting the cars and engines, etc. I will take over the basement again but at a smaller piece till I get bigger and better. But my grandson is still into them and we work on his for now in his house and soon back in mine. I find it a great way to relax in the winter and a great joy in seeing it grow into something of beauty. Love those trains!
I LOVED traveling on the trains in the UK last year. They're so efficient and you can get somewhere so fast without having to worry about driving in congested traffic (not to mention driving on the other side of the road for an American!). The trip through the Scottish Highlands on ScotRail was especially nice because I had never seen heather-covered hills before. My two teenage kids who came along had the time of their lives. And we didn't get to ride on it, but we saw the "Harry Potter" steam train pass through Glenfinnan and over that famous viaduct.

Trains are just the best way to travel and I wish the US would have the same efficient system. But if I come back to the UK, I'll know better than to buy a BritRail Pass because they're way too expensive. I found out that you can order your tickets online and pick them up at the station at a much cheaper price! Live and learn....