There have been plenty of genuine experiences, and due to the life I've lived and husbands and friends I have had, learned a great deal, with them being a large part of the 'life learning curve' as witnesses to, or being part of some unbelievable journeys I have been on. I have a website, but will share some stories in this site, when I have the time, if anyone is interested?

I might be able to shed some light on any of your unusual experiences. I will keep an open mind, and I hope others who normally would 'poo poo' the stories being posted, would either read them and keep quiet, or ask sensible questions, make understanding comments, or, move on.... please. We don't need arguments, just enlightenment, and open minds......

I've been a researcher for a long time, and had a friend who was a para-psychologist, back in London, UK. I also knew some mediums who were mostly successful in what they did. My 4th husband was, and maybe still is, a High Priest with his own coven, and as far as my experiences with him and his followers, I believed him to be a good man, a healer (I was witness to PROOF, along with another person, of his healing abilities) and although he read Tarot Cards, which some deem an evil thing, he helped me understand how all this strange, other dimensional stuff occurs. In some cases how to protect ourselves.

But, there is so much more to it, and if we don't demand that we have these experiences, they are more likely to happen. I've had more supernatural experiences than many others I have come upon. I mean TRUE, not exaggerated or made up stories (although some of them can be most entertaining!)

I would love for any of you to share your TRUE stories with us here? I can usually tell if a story is believed to be true by the teller, or if is just imagination and getting carried away.

I have a picture taken in New Orleans of a church with what seems to be a demon carrying something that looks human and is half in or out of a sack. This apparition is just outside the window, in the air, at the top of the building, hovering. My husband knows the man who holidayed there about three years ago and took the picture. The apparition was not seen at the time of photographing it, until later when the holiday pictures were being looked at.

There is another story connected to New Orleans, and the Mardi Gras 2016, with a landlord we had. He became cursed and died a few months later... He had been completely healthy all his previous life.

It seems once we have some proof of supernatural activities many other ones begin to turn up..... On the other hand, for those who have never experienced anything that unusual, I understand they might prefer to accept scientific theories, or just refuse to believe. The kinder people will just keep an open mind.

When I post it, if anyone wanted to get the pic checked, I welcome them to go ahead, but I would prefer to know WHAT others think this spooky figure could be.... If I get enough interest I can dig it out of my computer and find a way to post it here.

I'm really busy finishing a manuscript for publishing, but will pop in from time to time.