Started riding a year and a half ago. Would like to meet people who enjoy riding (classic/english). If interested, let's chat?

Bye for now!

Hi: Don't ride anymore, but did for many many years. Have moved to town and had to sell my horse. This last horse I had was 1/2 Tennessee Walker/1/4 horse. The best horse I ever had. He was a dream to ride. Had a horse when I was 4 yrs old. I never did the English/classic as you mentioned. I just rode, bareback for many many years. Had to learn to ride in a western saddle when I was 38 yrs old. It was a real joke. Had a sore butt more then than when I rode bareback.
Did alot of riding in the mountain for more than 20 yrs. That was awesome, climbing mountains, going places where only horses could go, seen so much wild life, herds of wild horses (kept our distance, always a stud in herd), including grizzlies, which was scary, but we never had any mishaps. Its something I wish would have never ended. If my husband was alive we would still be doing it.
Good luck and enjoy.
[color=Yehhhhhhh CG..... ltns ..... I'm intrested in horses sure , but what do U do with them :mrgreen: ?????#408000][/color]
hi im new here..aquamarine56.. my daughter is a equestrian top notch dressage trainer and competitive rider in florida..she loved horses starting at age 3... nearly 30 now. most the time shes in riding tall boots , near the stabels and riding or about to ride or training other who are at higher levels or dressage. there are some serious and international level and us olypic riders in florida. i love to watch the amazing gorgeous union of horse and rider as my daughter refers to as,,fancy. i don't ride that's a accedene waiting to happen and im disabled.. but i used to be a figure skater and id take a hard hit on the ice then a horse falling on me. my daughter had one major leg break in all those years of training and riding as a career full time. and she gets the top bred horses nobody else has the guts to ride and the rich ladies who bought them cant...ride. then its her turn to work the horse to become a better mannered and able to be riden horse and work its potentials.. its a dangerous job. if i just worried about her all the time id get sick. so i don't. we live life. she choose this career and she will probley always love horses..more then people. its cute she calls me up about 6:30am every day and i hear her talking all sweet and cute to the(PONIES).. her pony is a unfixed black stallion fresian sport horse nearly war horse in size and muscles. drop dead gorgeous to see him . she has posts up if ever you want to view this beauty of a horse!! look up..knight mystique or nero knight. iln florida... horse admirors get a kick out of him and the pretty images of him working. theres a equestrian center wilth images near or about the gulf shore area. just saying. i am the mother of a serious horse and rider trainer whos competitive been her whole life...passion. i understand and see how much other people really love the sport, the horses and the whole human interaction. and what beats a bif neck hug from a few thousand pound stallion anyways. i live in Wisconsin and my daughter has permanently moved to florida. couldn't handle the -40 below weather we get here in mn and wi..and the hardship of working in the extreme cold. florida while it can be gorgeous in winter..is just sweaty humid all summer. i wish i could live ther year round. but i like cool crisp and real air , SEASONS AND FEWER SNAKES.. Sad i think shes in florida to stay put . getting married. think its a very hot place for the horses myself... and my artic dog... maybe snowbird..back and forth? just had to post something when i saw the horse people...
First of all, welcome to this site aquamarine56

Oh, I just love horses, when I first seen your name and then the topic, I thought of seahorses, just my humor thought.

So your topic is the dancing horses and where to live? Well like I say it is a hard topic, seeing how you got a winter dog for a pet, can they live in the heat of the summer? Horses can tolerate heat, as they orignate from the desert country but the dog? I think it is best just to go back and forth?

Fresian horses are just lovely, it their mane and tail that amaze me.
Hey Jolie460!

When I was young, I competed in three-day eventing, i.e. dressage, stadium jumping and cross-country.  I was not a bad rider but not a great one either.  I can handle a horse quite well still but competitive riding for me is over.  My horse was FANTASTIC...  My instructor and I broke him and trained him.  When I had a bad injury after a few years, I sold my horse to a young lady who took him to the Canadian Championships!  So I was happy for both.

My horse was half thoroughbred and half American Saddlebred.  He was a bigg'un!!!  We really had a chemistry and he was great.

I still ride but on trail rides and things....

Horse are the best, aren't they?

I was more of a western rider, being a city girl, going on a cattle round up is diffo a hard work, no wonder they have a big meal at lunch time, but let me tell ya.. never been so sore in all my life and found muscles that I never knew I had. But Dad did have a farm that he had Belgian horses, when you are a child, they are more like monster to us than horses. But doing barrel racing was more my style than dressage style.

But I do love watching the Move "Miracle of the White Stallion".
Gee Stardaisy you impress me.  I read on another thread that you
used to ski before you got a bum knee, now I see you are a rider as
well.  I can't do either.  I guess you like the slopes in your area.  :D
hahaha no, I can't ski because of my bum knee and I get on a horse differently than any other riders. Yes lots of slope where I went for my first cattle round up and my last too lol.

As we are at the foot of the rockies, yes it call the foothills.

I have heard of horseplay but this is ridiculous