Hi,new to this site and just trying to find people with the same interests as me.I would love to know if there are any other bikers who live in this part of the country.I have quite a bit of spare time these days and love to get out and about on my pride n joy.Anyone fancy a natter about bikes?get in touch :)
I own a motorcycle.  Where is Northumberland?
So, the original poster has gone, so let's scrap the "in Northumberland" criteria. (Criterium?)
I promised on another thread that if there was one about motorbikes I'd contribute to it. So here we go.
I actually have one plus several bits. An MZ250, which, as far as I know, still functions - or will, once consumables are replaced, and a Suzuki 250 which was dismantled about 40 years ago - I can't remember why - and has followed me around in boxes ever since. Sadly, I haven't ridden for 20 years. Either the bike or I have been unwell and not up to it, and it's now on the "must get around to" list. My driving licence expires in 4 years time!
But I'm into my motorcycle racing. Never as a competitor, but I've been to the Isle of Man TT about 30 times and still go to the Southern 100, Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix. Also a regular at Scarborough, I've been to the North West 200 a few times and I watch my local club racing at Aintree when it doesn't clash with the above.
I also watch BSB, WSB, MotoGP and Speedway on television.
Anybody else?