I am a certified Aqua Fitness instructor and have been teaching for a few years. I specialize in those with health problems as well as those needing to lose weight. I have read some of the post here and thought I would add a few words. You dont need to know how to swim to do Aqua Fitness. You will loose twice as many calories in half the amount of time in water than on land. Water will take off up to 90% of your weight, depending how far up it comes to the chest. There is little to no impact on joints and spine and even less chance for injury. Before you commit to a progam you must realize a few things. In order to lose weight or even to improve mobility, you must commit to a program that will put you in the water three times a week. Three times a week is the least amount of time. Of course the more you go the better you will be. I teach a bootcamp course that is three times a week. In six weeks in my weight loss classes, my ladies average a loss of one dress size. Remember after six weeks in any exercise plan you must adjust it. It takes that long for your body to reach that fitness level and to continue to improve you must up your game. Most of all, be realistic. Take baby steps and dont expect a lifetime of doing nothing to be undone in a month.
Thanks for the valuable information Laurie!  *hugs*
Thank you Lady L.....aguafit is my favourite exercise ...you re so right on all counts , it worked for me . I will add to what you say ... that agua fitness strengthened the muscles around my spine healed my hip pain ( after a few months ) AND gives a huge sense of well being , suppleness and lifts the spirit ....good for mind , body and spirit !
I feel to chubby and busty to do aqua fitness currently, trying to  drop 20lbs 1st... :?
I hurt my back sever yrs ago so now when I go to exit the pool using ladder, as they dont have a choice and Im too heavy or paralyzed? To p/u from out of the poolside like I did in my 20's...Could pull out of pool like Nadia . C in my 20's and earlier. I swam since the age of 4.
We have a nice center here, all indoor, swimming with various programs for all ages, indoor gym and track, soccer .... so on and so forth.

The part I like with the pool, it does help you as you are not bearing your weight while exercising or like Laurie said, no impact on your joints, the programs they have for all ages, no commitment require, you go when you are ready to go, can try it out and see if you like it or not, also it has a ramp which make it easy for those who have a hard time getting in and out. There are different pools too, deep tank diving, river pool, kids pool and water slide, warm tank that is about knee deep, it also has a sauna.
Aqua Fitness is the only form of exercise that reduces your body weight by up to 90%(during the exercise), and has the least impact on joints. In fact you don't have to even move in water to benefit. Just standing in water, your muscles will respond against the pressure of the water, and become stronger. It is ideal for those with injury and those with weight issues. You cannot ever be too over weight to do Aqua. I have people in my class that average 100 pounds over weight, and even one that is 300 pounds overweight. And to watch them smile with the joy of movement is indeed wonderful. You don't even need a swimsuit. All you have to make sure is whatever you are wearing is not cotton. Cotton will harm the filtration system, therefore is not allowed in the pool. There are so many tops and bottoms out there made of nylon that will do the job. Point is, you can adjust your Aqua workout as your fitness level improves. There is no limit to the levels of fitness you seek. Remember just movement for movements sake is enough.

Here, we were told that cotton will weigh you down, it get heavy when it get wet. I found that out the hard way when I was a kid lol.

The joy of the feeling of water surrounding your body is something to feel :)