I love the Beatles music. Any Beatles fans?
frendfan2 wrote: I love the Beatles music. Any Beatles fans?

I like all sorts of music from the 50s to today! I preferred the early Beatles songs before their psychedelic period and my favourite album is "With the Beatles"
"With the Beatles" aka "The Beatles" album was the quintessential "mop top" Fab Four album. The songs were brilliant and innocent with awesome back beats. Lyrics so simple and catchy.
I must say that "Rubber Soul" is probably my favorite "moody" Beatles album though. Hard to believe they were together for just a decade yet changed the world.
Elanor Rigby and A Day in the Life were awesome tunes.
I never liked the Beatles. They taught an entire generation that it was ok to take drugs, most of their early works were Hank Williams covers, and as for John Lennon: working class hero with a comfortable middle class upbringing.