Do you use eBay, or any other auction site. Either casually, or regularly?
Until fairly recently. I had quite a thing going, selling 1950's vintage items. Mostly the fashions, but also vintage dress patterns, were very popular.

I always look to eBay first, if I am searching for something, unusual.

Have to admit Mike, I use ebay a lot and occasionally ebid if I sell something as the selling charges are less on there. It's more or less the same sort of thing though... :)
I have used ebay several times but I am always aware that anyone can sell on ebay so I always pay via Paypal which gives you the extra protection so that if anyone tries to rip you off you have recourse to make a claim for reimbursement as long as you ensure this is done quickly before the protction runs out. I find ebay particularly good for finding unusual items which you cannot find in the shops. I buy a lot of recorded music and have often been able to find cds which were deleted a while ago.I have used Paypal's claim system to get a refund for a purchase I made where the item was not delivered.
Totally agree Graham, Paypal is the safest way for a transaction. I have done Cash Deals simply because I've wanted the Buyer to view an item first be totally satisfied and then pay cash (as I'm talking several hundred pounds here) and the fees for using both paypal and ebay take the shine of the deal. Still have to pay ebay fees which thankfully are now fixed at 10% to a maximum of £40 for items over £300. :)