Once again we are in the pub and contemplating over a couple of jars of New Castle Brown on draft. We were discussing the merits of leasing as opposed to purchasing. I am for purchasing and Rich is advocate for leasing.

Richard and I go a long way back when in the eighties we had a band called “Short and Curlies’, I was the curlies with curly hair and he was the Short (He is 5ft nothing). Any way we are discussing the merits of leasing as opposed to purchasing. The argument has been batted back and forth a few times and as we all were Beatles fans at some point, suddenly at a moment of sobriety he made the following reasoning for leasing.

“Let’s do a bit of math on Sir Paul McCartney, who married Heather Mills and in 5 years their divorce cost him $49million. Based on assumption that he bonked her every night each bonk cost him $26,849 and have you seen her? She is a hag and worse than the Dragon's mother, and I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole. That is purchasing.

Now consider this…… New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's favourite hooker, Kristen,
Charged $4,000 per night. Have you seen her shape? Body to die for?....If Sir Paul had employed her for $4000 per night at the end of 5 years he would have only been out of pocket approximately 7.3 million dollars with no headaches, no begging, arrival on time, leaves when asked. Sometimes leasing makes sense.”
By the time we finished and he supped the last of his drink, Rich fell asleep and had to drag him home, which is close by.