Take your Cod Fillet and spread Pico De Gallo over one side and then roll it up brush melted butter over out side then sprinkle with paprika place tow fresh lemon slices on top bake at 325 for 20 min serve with steamed rice fresh Asparagus.
For my rice I always dice very fine green peppers onions carrots when rice is just about done I add this in on top and fluff into rice once its done.veggies stay nice and crisp but cooked or steamed enough to ad great flavor.
My Asparagus I place on heavy foil season with sea salt cracked pepper lemon juice garlic powder then slice butter about a 16 inch thick and cover over all the steams wrap that up tight and place on same baking sheet with fish.
When I an find and get them here in Iowa I will slice some Scallops place over the Pico De Gallo before I roll up the Cod Fillet gives it a kinda Lobster Crab flavor See Bill knows how to eat Healthy too :lol: :lol:
Ok, you are hired ... you will be our chef for this site lol.

You have so many good recipes, that I am sure we all will enjoy.