ok ladies or gents if you have an opinion lol
going thin on top do i go natural go for the combover or help nature and shave whats left off ??
Drifter, I say go bald. Please.....no comb overs k?
Help nature, by all means. Think Patrick Stewart, Yul Brynner and Telly Savalas, If you don't ask me where has my hair colour has gone... I won't ask you what happened to yours.
aww lizzy would't ya want to see me flapping in the wind

and I mean my hair unless I'm wearing a kilt i dont do commando lol

ty apple had forgotten yul he did ok for himself bald lol
I was blessed with a full head of hair. A few years back I went for the military look - not shaved, but short (didn't feel like shaving). Do the bald thing! Some chicks are really in to it and it saves you money on renting bowling balls at the alley! :lol:

I think I just wasted my 5th daily post on that useless drivel :)

Snakes alive Drifter! You should have a warning on your gallery :(

I say go bald but don't reach for the razor till after you post the warning. :D
I started loosing hair at 19, for the last 20 years I've given myself my own haircuts (short)
Sure hair is important to some women, but I think the ones who care more for personality over strait looks will make more lasting friendships.
Cut your hair, be what you are for this phase in your life, living in the past only hurts your growth, not your hairs. 
Well said Richard
Just be your lovable self. :D
you forgot to add a topee  :wink:
Just let it go bald. Comb over is not very attractive.
Drifter go natural if you want easy maintenance, shaving is in now so that's a good option, but never ever ever go with the comb over. Us women keep asking each other, "why do men do that"? it's sooooo unattractive!. You'd have to stay in on windy days or get a tight fitting hat. :roll:
Been shaving since 98,

no style concerns ... never liked the "Dilbert's boss" look, the inverted mohawk look.
no monthly hair cut costs, time and money.
no dandruff :)
no grey hair :)
no shampoo and conditioner costs
cost effective use of razors, once dull enough from face shaving, use blade on head.

I used to where baseball cap in early years, but found that uncomfortable, now I only wear caps when in a sweaty situation to keep sweat out of my eyes.