Anyone out there working or has worked in Real Estate as a Realtor and was successful at it?
I really could use some help. I'd love a little advice and mentoring if you'd be so kind. I'm a good Realtor but I need to be a better one.
It is always a mystery to me how some people have so many clients and others, like myself, are always struggling to GET clients.
I don't have a big social group and I wouldn't have time for them if I did. So what is the secret to getting a large number of clients to work with?
Hi Lisa. I am also a real estate broker but licensed to practice in the Philippines. I don't own an agency but just practice my profession only if there are inquiries which is allowed here. I understand we have different standards of the real estate service (U.S. and Philippines) hence I am not sure if I can give you suggestions how to get more clients. But based on my background in sales and marketing, it would benefit you to expand your social circle to be able to connect to more potential clients. It is just nice to know that we belong to the same industry. By the way, I understand the title "Realtor" is a trademark owned by an American association of real estate brokers which has an affiliate here in my country, I am a member of the local group but have not applied for membership of the American association, hence I cannot use the title "Realtor" but just plain Real Estate Broker as stipulated in the law governing the real estate service here in the Philippines. Hope to connect with you as friend.