:lol: Literally not a chance, but on here yes. am glad you have got on with candle and he has not belittled you. but yes he is capable of it. like I did mention. why people bait each other, they can only answer that one. has for it stopping I sure hope so  :D
Well too early to hit the "Reply with quote" on your post i guess so will just respond without it.

I'm glad you didn't mean it literally...lol morton1 i didn't really expect an answer on the baiting...for sure not from you since u had nothing to do with it. As far as Candlefish...i think he is simply misunderstood by some. That's my opinion on that...I will back on outta here now...and leave this thread to those that are interested in continuing...

Again my apologies Rod...seems really difficult to stay "on topic" in the threads on this site. Guess i haven't figured out how to stop that along with other things. lol Oh ya, just don't reply unless it's ON topic. Duh. lol

Backing outta here and going to enjoy the rest of my day. Hope you ALL do the same! :D
oooops, sorry scorpio,  but you did not mention who the question was meant for. I just gave my opinion. I respect your opinion on candle, and my apologise to Rod also. hope your day goes well to  :D
Graham1 wrote: I agree that it is not respectful to find fault with peoples word usage in the forums Candlefish as I don't think you would find it respectful if I corrected your spelling of haemorrhaging(first "a" not included in US spelling). I am just trying to make a point if you think I am being hypocritical. The word quandary is used to describe a difficult situation or a practical dilemma according to the OED so Jaffa is correct. I am just having literary fun so nothing serious! :lol:

Well Graham, having lived on the North American continent for almost the last Fifty years, which spelling would you have me use? I suppose keeping the superfluous 'a' in question, would make me stand out from the crowd, but as what? Some misguided 'Limey' that still thinks 'The Empire' is in working order.

'Tis enough that I am aware of the two spellings.

As to your simplistic explanation of the word 'Quandary'. 2009 was the year that the O.U.P., Glasgow, issued the copywrite for it's long awaited Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary. It didn't take the approx Seventy Five years to complete, as was the time to edit the first edition of the O.E.D.. but a mere Forty Four years from it's inception in 1965.

A great deal of work with furrowed brows and lexical scholarship went into this work Graham. They undertook this mammoth project so the increasing populace of the world that see English as 'their' language and the uber-language of the world, would know just why it has become so.

Part of the reason is that there are an abundance of words that, to the untrained eye, seem to mean the same thing. We are talking subtle differences here, indiosyncracies that would go unnoticed by most readers. But then, that is why we compile Thesauruses isn't it?

Synonyms are many and varied for a reason.

Initially, I was having fun with Rod's original post, nobodies laughing anymore.
I really am smiling Candlefish as I have always loved the English language and I find it a little amusing that you refer to an OED definition of a word as a "simplistic explanation"! As for the additional "a" in haemorrhaging, I was mainly referring to the single "m" and double "r". :)
morton1 wrote: oooops, sorry scorpio,  but you did not mention who the question was meant for. I just gave my opinion. I respect your opinion on candle, and my apologise to Rod also. hope your day goes well to  :D

In rereading my one post, i can see where you are coming from as far as the baiting comment. lol You answering it is not a problem for me, morton1. I just didn't want to be responsible for starting another war on here...too many going on as it is.

Thank you for the good wishes, my days are always good...just some, better then others. :? :D

I've quit worrying about being off topic...it's hopeless it seems. Too many battles of the words, so to speak. No pun intended. :lol:
Flaming and baiting on an internet forum is frowned upon and in some forums it is reason for a ban.  If you google 'baiting on forums', you will find that trolls bait people they don't like in order to cause them distress and bully them into an argument.  Then the flaming starts and it
becomes an all out war.  
For someone to admit publically that she did just that, surprises me.  
She set a trap for him, and then she bragged because he got caught in the trap.
That would never be allowed elsewhere, but I guess 50Plus is different.
Or maybe Jiffy doesn't have the knowledge and did it innocently, I don't know.
But; I still stand behind Ron and The Candlefish all the way.  I really
enjoy reading what these two men write and as a bonus, I learn.  
Learning is something I have always been good at.  Hey I just fixed my computer
(I think, HA HA).  I am hoping to have a date for New Year's Eve and I haven't given up hope yet.  Would all you prayer warriors, please put a good word in for me. :lol: :mrgreen: :oops:

To ALL of you, Happly Holidays and All the Best for the year 2015. 
scorpio1943 wrote: Again my apologies Rod.

Nothing to apologize for! You seem very pleasant and one of the more sensible women on here. It must be all that healthy desert air. I visited Arizona (Phoenix, resort in Scottsdale), and wandered on foot to the edge of the developed area...just natural environment beyond. The aroma there...wow! It put me in Heaven...and without cardiac arrest. Just the lovely perfume of all the desert plants. Plus I saw lots of free-roaming bunnies there. Like about a dozen in one yard. Who needs to cut their lawn when the local rabbits will do it for you? I bet living in Arizona is like living in a fairy tale, full time. Plus bonus! Scorpions, tarantulas and rattlesnakes to play with, yes? :-)

Calling you one of the more sensible women on here may get some of the others going grrrrrr. Cat fight, even. Just kidding, everyone. It helps to have a sense of humor!

Oh...do I hear the jingle jingle of sleigh bells? You know what I asked for, in my letter to Santa Claus this year? A woman! Ya! "P.S. Even if it means dressing up one of your more feminine elves in a skirt and taking it for a sleigh ride. Please."

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Come Christmas morning...she may be only two and a half feet tall - (tall for an elf) - and never be seen without a long stocking-like cap on her head...but in these desperate times...close enough, Santa. Thank you! Oh, you brought a three foot long bed for her, too? Great! Yeah...this is gonna be instant happiness!