One of the best most unique books I have ever read morton1. Hope you enjoy it.
I think we have enough people to proceed for our first time. If anyone else wants to join, wonderful. So far our list to choose from includes:

Vacationland suggested by Apple
Defending Jacob suggested by Mizvee.

Anyone interested in submitting a suggestion, please do so.  Next Wednesday I will post list of final choices for our book of the month. You can come on Wednesday and vote. Then we can all make sure we can obtain the book in some form.

My library obtains books from around the state library system for you if you place a hold. We also have online free e-books you can download on Kindle. Destination Download. I don't know if this site is only for Georgia. If you haven't gotten familiar with what your libraries offer, I suggest you do so. I didn't know my libraries offered any of these services and they are wonderful. Our libraries also often free family passes to many area attractions that you can reserve. 

Hi Mizvee, please could you tell us the authors. I have found six books with title 'Vacationland' all with different authors!
Vacationland is by Susan Stonich
Defending Jacob is by William Landay 

Sorry about that.  
I would like to nominate Cold Mountain author Charles Fraser
Thanks of my favorite books
I didn't want to recommend one I like as I want to read something new. My daughter is home for the weekend and she is a librarian, so I asked her.

She suggested this one 'A god in ruins' by Kate Atkinson. It won the Costa book award in 2015.
ok daisy thank you
Sounds like a great idea, count me in. I'm fairly versatile in what I read, so I'll leave the selections up to you all.

Looking forward to it! 
Great jazen... drop in on Wednesday and vote tho...
Will do. :)
If I am permitted to nominate more than one title I recommend Toilers of the Sea by Victor Hugo
ok wand will add to list...thank you
i would recommend the book - Fifteen Dogs by  André Alexis. It won the 2015 Giller Prize and I am curious about it. But my only concern is it might be hard to get our hands on a copy as it is in demand at the library. Another suggestion would be The Amazing Absorbing Boy by Rabindranath Maharaj.
Thank you Bev. Will add to list to vote on.