My recommendation especially in this political year is Animal Farm by George Orwell
Thanks 70s...will add to voting list. Timely suggestion.
Great idea...I am in and would like to suggest Alex cross: cross justice from James Patterson 
i'm reading Cross Justice now Angel. Great suggestion. Will add to list. 
Mizvee wrote: Thanks 70s...will add to voting list. Timely suggestion.

thank you Mizvee, I also recommend the book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig
“The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”
― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values
Interesting...haven't heard of that one. I will be compiling a list from all the suggestions for everyone to cast a vote on one book tomorrow. Then we will all see if we can obtain the book in whatever form.

I am closing the window for suggestions. I think we have a good array of different types of books. People can still join the bookclub at any time. The following books are to be voted on by anyone wishing to read with us this month. I figure a week or more so everyone can get the book and we will read and discuss throughout April.

Please vote for one book. The book with the most votes at the end of tomorrow is the one will choose.

1.  Animal Farm  Orwell
2. Vacationland Stonich
3. Defending Jacob Landay
4. Cold Mountain Fraser
5. A God In Ruins Atkinson
6. Fifteen Dogs Alexis
7. Amazing Absorbing Boy Maharaj
8. Toilers of the Sea Hugo
9. Cross Justice Patterson
10. Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance   Pirzog
I think it best if everyone votes in private. So send your suggestions to me. I am going to write everyone since I am premium. Just answer me back. 
I still need votes from Angel45 and Morton1. Also, anyone who wants to join..just let me know and vote before tomorrow evening. Thanks.
Angel41 that is...
I have heard from everyone that has joined our club. The votes are as follows:

Cross Justice 4 votes  winner
Defending Jacob 3 votes
Toilers Of The Sea 1 vote
Cold Mountain 1 vote
Animal Farm 1 vote 
Fifteen Dogs 1 vote
Amazing Absorbing Boy 1 vote
Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 1 vote

Please let me know when everyone has the book. I think we should have it read in two - three weeks. Please let me know your thoughts on time frame. Once we are all ready to discuss the book, I will download book club outline and we can start in the forums responding to each other after the first question.

If you have another idea, please let me know. I don't think we can take over the chatroom at a certain time and have it work well. I want to keep it on this site or we could go to chatstep and set up our own room for our use at a certain time. I think using the forums will allow everyone to respond in their own time. Any suggestions welcome!! to find the book! 

I'll let you know when I have my hands on it, Miz. :) 
A suggestion
use lounge open forum and title it what we are reading and discuss it on there?
For each book we title it?

Due to different time zones, some are in slumberland when others are awake...

England is 7 hours ahead of me.
Yes star. That was the best idea I could come up with given different time zones and schedules. I think it will work ok. We discuss everything else there just fine. 
Great jazen. I was on a waiting list at my library just got it the other day. I only get to keep it seven days so I have to get back on list after that lol