I Suppose its too late for me now,
But i read a great book once, as a matter of fact , the only reason i read it once,
is cos it had too many big words,
It was called the Sama Kutra, (no not the other one), Gawd ye and yere dirty minds,
It was about a little burmese boy, who wanted to play Ice hockey,
can u imagine it, Ice hockey in Burma, but little Sama was relentless,
To Be Continued.    Hugs All.  
Hmmm...never read that one scrummy...You can still join our club!
Mizvee wrote: Great jazen. I was on a waiting list at my library just got it the other day. I only get to keep it seven days so I have to get back on list after that lol

I'll have to see if our library has it too. Being from a very small town, unfortunately, we don't have anything AT ALL that resembles a book store.

But I think I know why...

If they DID build a Barnes & Noble or a Books-A-Million here, they'd probably never get rid of me. :) 

U May not have come across it Miz,
It was censored in over 100 countries, and i havent time to name them, 
It was also written in .......ese (watever dat is) and since u cant speak that, no point in looking;
However, i have an Irish version, and if U wish me to translate it for u, I cant,
cos i cant speak it either, but it was a best seller at Hong Kong airport for about 5mins
til a group of chinese ppl bought all copies of playboy. 
jaz - 

I am so glad there is amazon lol...we do have a Books A million tho complete with a coffee shop! 
Now this is funny.......!
So the Sama Kutra is ?;
1) a rock band
2)a book about one man's struggle against all odds
3)a ancient Indian text , wildly considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior(includes pictures and ummm positions)
No where can I find a book that is about a boy and ice hockey. Really didn't think I would since I knew the title when I saw it printed and what it was about. But very clever Scrummy.
The clue was, why would it be banned if it was a simple book about a boy and ice hockey.
That you for the smiles...
Then again, maybe it is a book about a boy and ice hockey. Who knows? Either way it gave me a smile.
Really, Laurie. Ditto for me. I followed the trail despite the obvious clues just to do it.... lol Thanks for the laughs scrummy.
Has anyone gotten the book Cross Justice yet?
I picked it up yesterday, Miz. I'm ready whenever everyone else is. 

Why ban a book about hockey? Quite simple: The physics of ice skating are unknown there and the national religious leaders saw skating as, therefore, a dark art which is anathema hence they rushed to the secular arm demanding that skating itself and any literature discussing it should be banned for the sanctity of the religion and of course to keep from leading citizens astray.
The very idea that metal could slide across mysterious hard and cold stuff with such ease could not be understood by the laiety, or the priesthood itself for that matter.
Lady L and Wand, this is all a bit complicated,
I Wish i cud say more, but i cant, Here is a hint,
Sama Kutra is an anagram of AMTRAK USA,
Hillary says, if she is elected, she will disclose about area 51,
What that has to do with this, I havent the foggiest,
Hugs All. 
Mizvee wrote: Has anyone gotten the book Cross Justice yet?

I have to wait until the book is in...
OMG  no  :shock: how long have I got ? 
I think you have plenty of time Mort. If you get left behind though, I am sure Scrummy would share his copy of The Kama Sutra with you :lol: :lol: :lol:
The book " cross justice"  is it by James Patterson ?,  if I don't get it in time can I join you Scrummy   :D