Morton, that book Cross Dressing Justice is shite,
Its about this guy who was a chick, hires a hit woman to kill his wife , who was previously a man, 
but he dosent know the hit woman, was also a man before, and had an affair with the wife before she became a man, and the wife never knew either, it was the same hit woman/man that she once hired to kill her husband/wife, it gets a little complicated, get it and see for yourself, and now since U FINALLY SAY UR NOT DUMB, which we all have known for years, Stop putting urself down woman,
U are a lovely sensitive person who is loved a lot,
Now if U want to join my Sama Kutra club, U are welcome,
I Remember when i was called 5 a night rucks, (ruck is a rugby term),
now im lucky if i get offside once a year. 

PS, Spose u didnt buy me an egg either,
Im gonna change the name of this place to, 50Less. 
I did get you an egg, in fact two  :D  but I think Gwyn hijacked the delivery guy  :lol:   thank you, your to nice to me 
No-one got me an Easter egg. :(

Just for you Gwyn  :D
Love it Mort, thank you, but you shouldn't be changing the topic LOL

I started a thread in Open Forum as people suggested. It is titled April Book Club Selection: Cross Justice for our first monthly book discussion. It will be easier to read the discussion and keep up with things if we stick to the book discussion there. We can begin a new one each month. I hope we all enjoy this opportunity to explore books together. This is a new medium for me as far as a book club  and I am excited. Thanks to all who have been interested and helped get it off the ground.
Beverley wrote: i would recommend the book - Fifteen Dogs by  André Alexis. It won the 2015 Giller Prize and I am curious about it. But my only concern is it might be hard to get our hands on a copy as it is in demand at the library. Another suggestion would be The Amazing Absorbing Boy by Rabindranath Maharaj.

Fifteen Dogs is a good book. How available are the different books were you live?
To reduce expense, the book club I went to years ago only chose books that were a little older and/or available at the library (of course I live in Toronto).
Is it too late to express interest in participating? Thanks!
I was not able to see if any comments were made this year.

If anyone comes in here still, I am a published author and my book is in the library. In the Lisle, Illinois one at least and on sale online, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., I can post the professional review I received and hope you all will want to read it. There is a paperback and e-book.

Professional Review: August 24, 2018 • based on true story, mystery, romance
ChickLitCafe Click the link to see the review in the actual site;

Into the Lyons Den by Donni De-Ville is an exciting, racy novel filled with raw emotion and a thrilling, unexpected storyline. The story is about Viv, a beautiful woman who is remembering her first love and the intense passion she felt with him. She had made the decision to part with Lawrence due to her own fears and inability to trust. Unable to shake him from her thoughts and mind, she decides to take action and look for a new man that she can love and spend her life with. She stumbles across a dating agency entitled "The Dandy Lyons Marriage Agency." She reluctantly makes the decision to visit the agency and sign up. What Viv doesn't know is that her life is about to be turned into a rollercoaster of turmoil and upheaval.

This is a story based on the true life events of author, Donni De-Ville. It is compelling, thrilling and engaging. There is a lot going on in this story including, kidnapping, murder and many crazy scenarios. I couldn't put this book down. From the very first chapter I was completely drawn into the life of Viv and all the things that she goes through. She encounters many different types of men and interesting people along the way. First, we meet the Lyons, the owners of the upper-class dating agency. While at a party with them, a murder occurs. Viv and her new friend begin to help clear the main suspect and she ends up getting more than she ever bargained for.

Throughout her journey, Viv, meets many unlikely characters including a transgender, an exuberant detective, a baron and many other, seemingly, questionable people. All the while a serial killer is lurking in the shadows. This is all a big change for Viv who works in an ordinary office in London. Her life has been turned upside down and she is on a thrilling, dangerous adventure.

This book is about crime, sex, lust, murder, romance and mystery. It is filled with twists and turns and at the end of each chapter readers are left hanging and hungering for more. It is the story of one woman's desire to find a lasting true love and all the crazy things she goes through with the people she meets along the way.

Into the Lyons Den is fast-paced and action filled. Readers will be taken on an unbelievable ride of murder, madness and crime. There are tender emotional moments and some laughs along the way.

The characters and settings are beautifully described causing this reader to feel like I was right there watching on. It is written intelligently and extremely well. The author, Donni De-Ville has a unique, crisp voice with a writing that is very professional and appealing.

She has brilliantly woven a one-of-a-kind story with a solid plot and a conclusion that, I didn't see coming, but is completely satisfactory and exciting.

This book is a definite must read. Not only because it is based on a true life story, but because it is completely different from anything I have ever read. It is filled with intrigue and has the most interesting storyline, plot, characters and conclusion. It really touched me to my core, bringing up feelings and thoughts that are new to me. ChickLitCafe highly recommends Into the Lyons Den to all readers that are looking for a story to escape into that is realistic, engaging and shocking at the same time. Expect the unexpected. Unforgettable!

Purchase Into the Lyons Den by Donni De-Ville CLICK TO BUY